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GLIDES ON FLOORS: Designed to glide safely on most floors with a slick base, it engages your dog's natural chase instinct, zipping away when your dog tries to "catch" it

Chuck It
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  • CHALLENGING: It’s a challenge to catch and made for self play, allowing your dog to fetch with themselves. Fun for any size dog
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Is an important part of every dog's day and the Chuckit. Indoor Slider is the perfect way to provide active play indoors
  • IT SQUEAKS: As your dog pounces on the Indoor Slider, the extra-large air chamber squeaks, further engaging your pet
  • DURABLE: Measuring 7 inches long x 6 inches wide x 3 inches tall, the durable rubber dome with rugged base will last for extended playtime without damaging your home's interior

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