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Asada is a great healthy treat to help with your pups dental health.

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A delicious 1 lb bag of esophagus bites your dog will love. These pure protein treats offer great taste and convenience. Offer as a daily reward and use for training as well. Your dog will come running when rewarded with these beef bites!

The gentle air-dried process creates a succulent treat that your dog will not be able to resist. Silver Spur’s products are all-natural and produced from grass-fed cattle that have been raised without the use of any hormones or antibiotics.

What is Asado? 

Asado is the word used throughout South America for the social gathering that is known as a barbeque. Delicious meats are cooked on a grill or open fire and are accompanied by red wine and salads. The meats for the Asado are carefully prepared for the person who is the assigned asado.

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