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Under the Weather
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Product description

Hamburger, Rice and Sweet Potato Freeze-Dried bland diet is a convenient formula that is specially designed to help soothe your pet’s digestive tract and support healthy hydration levels during times of upset.

Finally, there is a convenient and healthy bland diet option without all the prep! This hamburger, rice and sweet potato formula will help to sooth your dog’s tummy until healthy digestion is restored, or for as long as your veterinarian recommends. With a 3-year shelf life, you can always be prepared, and with our simple and natural ingredients, you can feel good about what you are serving your dog! Our freeze-dried formula is enhanced with powerful electrolytes to boost hydration and energy. Made with human grade, 100% grass fed beef, raised without antibiotics or hormones. 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA, with no meat by-products, gluten, artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals.

Always be prepared, keep a bland diet on hand for when:

  • Your pet eats something they shouldn’t have
  • Transitioning to a new diet or food
  • There is a significant change, like moving homes or a new fur friend
  • Traveling long distances
  • Using new medications (Antibiotics)
  • They have a sensitive stomach
  • Their digestive tracts are upset or need a rest

Natural Ingredients

White Rice, Freeze Dried Beef Hamburger, Sweet Potato, Glycine, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride

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